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Q & A

Is STOPit really anonymous?
STOPit is truly anonymous. The county has no ability to identify the submitter of a report or message. At their discretion, an end-user may choose to voluntarily provide identifying information in the content of their report or message.

How does the STOPit app work?
Once the STOPit mobile app is downloaded to the citizen’s phones, it provides them with several powerful features. The Report feature can be used to anonymously submit an incident report consisting of an image, video, and/or text to contacts who can respond to the incident and get help to the person(s) in need. The STOPit mobile app also allows for anonymous two-way communication between citizens and professionals with STOPit Messenger.

What personal information is needed to use STOPit?
None! STOPit does not require any end-user information whatsoever. Information provided by STOPit app users is also kept private and secure.

Who receives the reports that are submitted via STOPit?
Reports and Messenger messages will be received by the contacts designated by law enforcement, and local health professionals. Incident reports are received by people who have been designated as Report Managers by your public safety officials. This could include individuals in select healthcare areas, emergency services, 911 dispatch centers, detectives, or other departments.

How do I activate the STOPit mobile app?
To activate the STOPit app, simply download STOPit onto your mobile device from
iTunes or Google Play and enter the code provided to you. Your passcode for Wayne County Reporting is waynehelp

Is the STOPit mobile app available on web browsers?
Yes, there is a “web-based” version of the STOPit app, available at

Is the STOPit reporting available by phone?
Yes, there is a “web-based” version of the STOPit app, available at