Recovery is Real in Wayne County..

Pictured (left to right: Jeff Breedlove, Renee Bolin, Shauna Mattingly, Cameron Mattingly

Jeff Breedlove, with Georgia Council for Recovery, travels around our state advocating for recovery services. He stopped by Anchored in Wellness (Feb 21) to learn more about Wayne County and the efforts that are being made in regards to recovery and prevention. Renee Bolin, along with Shauna and Cameron Mattingly, were also in attendance and shared with Breedlove the ongoing services and initiatives that are taking place and being implemented throughout the community via Anchored in Wellness, the Wayne County Recovery Coalition, and other community partners. After the meeting, a statement was made by Breedlove via social media stating, “A brilliant meeting with Renee Bolin and the leadership team at Anchored / Wayne County Recovery Coalition in Jesup. Tremendous positive peer programs are underway across the region. Recovery is Real in Wayne County.”