Wayne County Family Connection has been doing a lot in our community during this time that has been affected by Covid-19. Our focus has been on mental health awareness throughout Wayne County. and what can be done to bring more awareness in hopes of removing the stigma associated with mental health. May is Mental Health awareness month, established in the United States in 1949. One way to bring awareness has been implemented in Wayne County High School as they put into action the “Be The 1 To” campaign. Wayne County Family Connection would like to join with WCHS and challenge our citizens to “Be The 1 To”.



Ask: Asking the question “Are you thinking about suicide?” communicates that you are open to speaking about suicide in a non-judgmental and supportive way.

Keep Them Safe: First, it is good for everyone to be on the same page. After the “Ask” step, and you have determined suicide is indeed being talked about, it is important to find out a few things to establish immediate safety.

Be There: This could mean being physically present for someone, speaking with them on the phone when you can, or any other way that shows support for the person at risk.

Help Them Connect: Helping someone with thoughts of suicide connect with ongoing support that can help them establish a safety net for those moments they find themselves in a crisis.

Follow Up: After your initial contact with a person experiencing thoughts of suicide, and after you have connected them with the immediate support systems they need, make sure to follow-up with them to see how they are doing.

For more information on the “Be The 1 To” campaign and what we are doing to bring awareness follow Wayne County Family Connection on social media.