BeThe1To Campaign Recap

The BeThe1To campaign offers awareness of how you can help people through their struggles of everyday life.

The following images are for Wayne County Family Connection’s social media pages. You can view them and read the 5 Steps of the BeThe1To campaign on the Articles tab of our website.

BeThe1To title page

Our community can help one another with asking their friends and families about their mental health when they see them struggling:

BeThe1To campaign ask

Show someone in your life how much you care for them and that you’re glad they’re in your life:

BeThe1To campaign be there

Keep our community safe by knowing about the resources available to help people through difficult times:

BeThe1To campaign keep them safe

Let them know you are there for them through all the ups & downs of life by getting them connected with support in our community:

BeThe1To campaign help them connect

Lastly, follow up with someone in your life that you know has been facing some challenges:

BeThe1To campaign follow up

We know that mental illness, emotional struggles, and other concerns can hinder someone from living life to their fullest. We have professional help available through our Mental Health Task Force team. If you or someone you know needs to speak to someone today – give this number a call.

mental health task force #

We encourage you to share these steps with your friends and family. If there is someone in your circle that could use help, put these steps into practice. You can be part of making a difference in our Wayne County community.

If your organization would like to educate, inform or update Wayne County citizens on a topic or event you’ve been working on – reach out to us so you can be featured here on our website, in the Family Connection column of the Press-Sentinel and be given a special shoutout to all our collaborative members!

Join our Collaborative Team

Additionally, the Wayne County Family Connection Collaborative would like to invite anyone in our community to be a part of our group.  For more information, contact Lana Wright at 912-256-2150.  Our meetings are the 4th Monday of each month with the next one being this upcoming Monday (10/26) at 9:30am. Visit our Family Connection tab if you have questions.