Check & Connect

By Iman Johnson

Check and Connect is a comprehensive intervention designed to improve student engagement at school and with learning for marginalized, disengaged students in grades K-12, through relationship building, problem solving and capacity building, and persistence.  Although it was designed for grades K-12, it is currently only being implemented in the Wayne County School System for grades 6-12.

            It has four main components:  A Mentor, who works with students and families for a minimum of two years.  Check, this includes weekly checks, utilizing data schools already collect on student’s school adjustment, behavior and academic progress.  Connect, includes timely interventions, driven by data, to establish and maintain students’ connection to school and learning, and to enhance students’ social and academic competencies; and Engagement with families, where mentors engage with parents and strive to foster their active participation in their child’s education.

            Check and Connect is derived from evidence-based research and is the only intervention found to have strong evidence of positive effects for staying in school.  Some of these demonstrated outcomes include: Increase in students’ attendance, persistence in school, credit accrual and school completion rates.  Also, a decrease in students’ truancy (skipping), tardies, behavior referrals and dropout rates. 

            Our school system has experienced these positive outcomes since the implementation of the program during the 2017-2018 school year.  We are always recruiting, and need more mentors to participate in this worthwhile program, in order to be able to continue to foster success among the children in Wayne County.  If you would like to become a Check and Connect mentor or desire more information about the program, please contact Iman Johnson at or 912.441.1174 or Kimberly Harrison at or 912.427.1000 ext. 390.davis