Interested in Head Start or pre-K?

By Lynn Robinson

(Editor’s note: Lynn Robinson is a family services worker for the Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority, which operates Wayne County Head Start & Pre-K.)

Will your child be 3 or 4 on or before Sept. 1? Are immunizations current? Do you have proof of income for the last 12 months (W2 or three consecutive recent paystubs, SSI, SSA, child support or other)? Do you have no income?

We have paperwork for you to use to complete the enrollment process. Come to Wayne County Head Start and Pre-K.

This federally funded national program provides comprehensive child developmental services to children. Head Start works with other community agencies and contract professionals to provide a program with health, nutritional, educational and social services.

Just as with traditional educational facilities, your child’s attendance really matters. Children can’t learn if they do not attend.

You, as a parent, are a big part of the process. Parents can become fully involved in the development of their child through our policy council, center committees, classroom volunteering and many other avenues. There are monthly parent meetings covering various subjects, including cooking, budgeting, child development, health resources and much more. There are monthly activities for fathers and other family members, such as kite building, flower planting, bubble blowing and more, to encourage the relationship between the parent and the child.

What are some of the rewards? Your child will gain skills that will assist them when entering public school. As a parent, you will gain skills and develop resources to help you to encourage further development in your child. Since family and family members participate in the process, your child will understand that education is valuable and their family wants them to be successful.

So what’s next? To apply for Head Start (and pre-K), you will need the child’s birth certificate, proof of income (last 12 months or calendar year), and a Georgia immunization certificate (form No. 3231). Please be ready to supply the Social Security number, the child’s most recent physical exam and dental exam, and a medical insurance document. Pre-K placement requires additional documents, including residency information, a 3300 form and a pre-K enrollment form.

Once you have submitted all of the information; and if your child is determined to be eligible for the program, your child will be placed on a priority list based on information from your application. The points are arranged from highest to lowest. Selection is not done on a first-come, first-served basis. The list is constantly changing as each new application is taken. The process is easy and the rewards are great!

Want more information?  Please contact 427-4527, or visit Wayne County Head Start & Pre-K at 724 N. Fourth St. in Jesup. See you soon!

(For the children currently enrolled this school year: Your child is considered for pre-K positions for the 2020-2021 school year—provided additional documents are obtained. These include a re-enrollment package, along with pre-K documentation.)